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Guide: interviews listed by episode


Episode 1 - Gary Bettman, John McCain, Greg Stanton
Episode 2 - Frank suppovitz, Brian Burke, Don Garber
Episode 3 - Keith Bruce, Shawn Spieth, Keith Dawkins
Episode 4 - Chip Bergh, Tony Ponturo, Paul Tagliabue
Episode 5 - Jay Rogers, Joie Chitwood, George Pyne
Episode 6 - Michael Waltrip, Bryce Harper, Ken Kennerly
Episode 7 - Mike K, Marisas Thalberg, Jerry Colangelo
Episode 8 - Rob Shaw, Bob Ryan, Ken Solomon
Episode 9 - Joe Castiglione, Tom Garfinkel, Mark Waller
Episode 10 - Brian Selander, Neil Duffy, Gary Player
Episode 11 - Andy Ram, Janet Fletcher, Bill James
Episode 12 - Russel Silvers, Tracy Dolgin, Steve Pagliuca
Episode 13 - Missy Franklin, Kelly McBride, Sue Bird
Episode 14 - Jack Nicklaus, Jim Steeg, Jeff Ma