17 Feb

Bust, Boom, Hope: MLB 2-16

Bust, Boom, Hope: MLB

Bust: Major League Baseball is shutting down the Fan Cave, its New York City-based social media hub, after four years in operation. The move is part of MLB’s attempt to consolidate social media activities under MLB Advanced Media and the MLB Network.

Boom: MLB teams spent a combined $1.94 billion on free agent contracts this offseason. Of the 112 players to sign guaranteed contracts, the average deal was 1.8 years in length and worth $17.3 million. The Washington Nationals led teams with contracts totaling $224 million.

Hope: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said that the league will stop awarding the All-Star Game by alternating AL and NL cities, instead moving toward a Super Bowl-type bidding process. The new system changes a practice that has been in place for the last 82 years.

What it means: MLB still has several years left on its lease for the Fan Cave location, and the league has several ideas for how it plans to repurpose the space. Additionally, several components of the Fan Cave will be maintained, but the original concept of having fans live in the space and watch every game will cease.