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Episode 1: Expect more changes ahead for Major League Baseball Rob Manfred Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred discusses his new job and the importance of modernizing the game in the debut episode of our podcast “Keeping Score”. Also, we’ll take a look at what the Women’s World Cup win could mean for the earnings of American star Carli Lloyd and the tough road ahead for backers of the 2024 Boston Olympics bid. 7/13/2015
Episode 2: Donald Trump has done a lot for golf, says Gary Player Gary Player Legendary golfer Gary Player disapproves of recent comments from Donald Trump but says he deserves a mulligan. The winner of 165 tournaments also discusses the state of the game and his business ventures ahead of this week’s British Open. Plus, hear my thoughts on Major League Baseball’s focus on the youth market and potential NHL expansion in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 7/17/2015
Episode 3: NHL in ‘spectacular’ shape, says Commissioner Gary Bettman Gary Bettman NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says the game on the ice and the business overall has never been better. He talks with me about the increased television exposure and higher franchise values. We also discuss some of the struggles in certain markets. Plus, hear my thoughts on the effort to keep the Rams in St. Louis and the plan to put NBA games on Saturday night TV in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 7/24/2015
Episode 4: What it takes to televise NASCAR
NASCAR Senior Vice President of Broadcasting and Production, Steve Herbst discusses the challenges in bringing the sport to television viewers and the remarkable attachment of the fans to the drivers and auto makers behind it.
Rick Horrow:
Steve Herbst NASCAR Senior Vice President of Broadcasting and Production, Steve Herbst discusses the challenges in bringing the sport to television viewers and the remarkable attachment of the fans to the drivers and automakers behind it. Also, my thoughts on the unexpected sporting event coming to Boston and the latest effort of the Jacksonville Jaguars to attract more fans in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 7/31/2015
Episode 5:Local TV money is making teams rich, and the Evil Empire got in early Tracy Dolgin YES Network CEO Tracy Dolgin talks about the risks the Yankees took in establishing a television network and how the business has evolved. He also discusses what baseball needs to change to attract younger fans. Plus, hear my take on the Saint Louis Cardinals’ new television deal, and the latest arena proposals for the NBA and NHL teams in Phoenix in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 8/7/2015
Episode 6: Trying to disrupt the sports media landscape on a $250 million budget George Pyne Former NASCAR and IMG executive George Pyne discusses his new $250 million venture, Bruin Sports Capital. Plus, hear my thoughts on Deflategate, and the troubles with the field where the next Super Bowl will be played in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 8/13/2015
Episode 7: Podcast: Tennis Channel is a thriving racket Ken Solomon Tennis Channel CEO Ken Solomon discusses the diversity of his audience and how the network has grown over the past 10 years. He also talks about the state of the sport and the challenges of producing more than 7,000 hours of coverage each year. Plus, hear my thoughts on the rising cost of a Super Bowl ad and a potential new sports league in the sky in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 8/20/2015
Episode 8: Six years, $1 billion paper profit. That’s the NFL, baby. Stephen Ross Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross talks about the skyrocketing valuation of his NFL franchise. He also compares owning a team to owning a real estate business and I give my take on sports and social media on this week’s edition of Keeping Score. 8/28/2015
Episode 9: Pac-12 Networks score in China Lydia Murphy-Stephans Pac-12 Networks President Lydia Murphy-Stephans discusses the launch of the college sports television network and multimedia company and its effort to televise basketball games in China. She also explains the business model and how changing viewing patterns will impact the delivery of content. Plus, hear my thoughts on the growth of sports streaming to phones and tablets and the length of Major League Baseball games in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 9/4/2015
Episode 10:The Serena Williams effect at the U.S. Open Lew Sherr U.S. Open Chief Revenue Officer Lew Sherr talks about the impact Serena Williams is having on this year’s tennis tournament. She is trying to become only the fourth women’s player to win all four major tournaments in the same year. He also talks about the importance of the $550 million renovation of the National Tennis Center and how the United States Tennis Association is trying to grow the sport. Plus hear my thoughts on the rising value of NHL franchises and a novel way to improve the fan experience in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 9/11/2015
Episode 11: Can the NFL finally tackle Europe? Mark Waller Executive Vice President of NFL International Mark Waller talks about the growth of American football outside the U.S. especially in the United Kingdom, which he says is the ideal spot to host games. He also shares what the league is learning from playing overseas and which countries it would like to move into. Plus, hear my thoughts on the business moves of the Chicago Cubs and the potential for Africa to become a player in the global business of sports. Check out this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 9/17/2015
Episode 12: How to develop more U.S. tennis stars Butch Buchholz Tennis Hall of Famer Butch Buchholz gives his prescription for making Americans more competitive in professional tennis. Plus, he details his role in developing the professional game and growing the sport. I also give my take on the growing fantasy sports business and the potential expansion of the NHL in this week’s Keeping Score. 9/24/2015
Episode 13: Shakes, urine tests and the Miami Dolphins Tom Garfinkel Miami Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium CEO Tom Garfinkel on the sports science involved in keeping players at their peak. Plus he discusses what it takes to bring the organization to London for this week’s game and his experience working in Major League Baseball. I also share my thoughts on the growing role of technology in the dugout and on the sidelines and the competition for the 2024 Olympic games in this week’s Keeping Score. 10/1/2015
Episode 14: Larry Lucchino: A Baseball Life Larry Lucchinio The former executive with the Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres, and Boston Red Sox discusses his career in sports and the challenges he faced. He also talks about the importance of having a successful team in the front office and the growth of the game overseas. Plus, hear my thoughts on a change coming to the home court of the Boston Celtics and which MLB playoff team has the highest social media score in this week’s Keeping Score. 10/8/2015
Episode 15: $400 million pit stop for Daytona International Speedway Joie Chitwood Daytona International Speedway President Joie Chitwood talks about the three-year effort to upgrade the historic facility and keep fans coming to the track instead of watching the big race at home. Watch the video below or click on the audio version which is part of my podcast Keeping Score. The audio version also includes my thoughts on the business of Major League Baseball as the playoffs continue, as well as the money flowing to the English Premier League. 10/16/2015
Episode 16: Why college football playoff could expand Joe Castiglione University of Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione explains why he believes the four-team NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision playoff could grow to six or eight teams. He also talks about the “self-sustaining” nature of his department and the importance of keeping the focus on student-athletes. Plus, hear my thoughts on the NBA’s effort to expand globally and how Las Vegas continues to push for an NHL team in this week’s edition of Keeping Score. 10/23/2015
Episode 17: London not ready for NFL team now Mark Lamping Jacksonville Jaguars President Mark Lamping discusses his team’s annual trip to London and the growth of American football there. He also talks about his career in sports business. Plus, hear my thoughts on daily fantasy sports, and why bull riding could become much more high profile in this week’s edition of Keeping Score. 11/2/2015
Episode 18: How to lure the Super Bowl and Final Four Greg Ballard Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard on how the city has become a major player for sports championships. He also talks about efforts to help other cities negotiate with leagues and teams. Plus, hear my thoughts on the economic viability of DraftKings and how golf is going high tech in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 11/5/2015
Episode 19: Super Bowl likely returning to Los Angeles soon Frank Supovitz Former NFL executive Frank Supovitz on why he expects the league will return to Los Angeles and bring the Super Bowl to the metropolitan area for the first time since 1993. He also discusses the increasing effort sports leagues around the world are making to connect with their fans. Plus, hear my thoughts on an innovative promotion at baseball stadiums and the effort to bring Major League Soccer to Miami – all in this week’s edition of Keeping Score 11/13/2015
Episode 20: Taxpayers shouldn’t fund stadiums: McCain John McCain Arizona’s senior Republican Senator John McCain says taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot any of the bill for sports stadiums and arenas. He also talks about the role of sports in his life, including when he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Plus, why I think daily fantasy sports sites will not be shut down and why a troubled NHL franchise will get a chance to improve its business in this edition of Keeping Score. 11/19/2015
Episode 21: Want better hockey, build a bigger rink? Brian Burke Calgary Flames President of Hockey Operations Brian Burke explains why the ice surface should become larger for NHL games. He also discusses his career in the front office of several teams and how his son’s death led his family to start a campaign to eliminate homophobia in sports. Plus, my thoughts on a big deal in Major League Baseball and the troubles facing the Los Angeles 2024 Olympics bid – all in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 11/25/2015
Episode 22: Millennials boosting Major League Soccer Don Garber MLS Commissioner Don Garber explains how young adults have become the dominant fan base of the American soccer league and not the kids currently playing soccer across the country. He also talks about how the MLS has grown in the United States and why he thinks it doesn’t get the media coverage it deserves. Plus, hear my thoughts on the new sponsorship deal in German soccer and the increasing popularity of the NFL in the UK in this week’s edition of Keeping Score. 12/2/2015
Episode 23: Growing up Andretti Marco Andretti Marco Andretti talks about his famous auto-racing family and his development as a driver and business person. He also addresses the “crash damage budget.” Plus, hear my thoughts on Nike’s big deal with LeBron James and the planned expansion of Major League Soccer in this week’s episode of Keeping Score 12/11/2015
Episode 24: How Phoenix scores from hosting the Super Bowl Greg Stanton Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton discusses the economic benefit to his city from hosting events like the Super Bowl. He also discusses the effort to build a new stadium downtown. Plus, hear how some NBA and NHL clubs are hoping The Force is with them and my thoughts on the planned makeover of hockey’s Florida Panthers in this week’s edition of Keeping Score. 12/17/2015
Episode 25: You’ve probably never heard of the third-most popular indoor sports league George Daniel National Lacrosse League Commissioner George Daniel talks about the success of his league in drawing fans and its effort to broaden its media exposure. He also discusses lessons learned over the NLL’s 30-year existence. Plus, hear my thoughts on the NFL’s latest round of negotiations for broadcast rights and how a Pancake is working for Waffle House in this edition of Keeping Score. 12/24/2015
Episode 26: Expect fewer college football bowl games Ray Anderson Arizona State University Athletic Director Ray Anderson explains why he thinks the number of college football bowl games will decline. Plus, he discusses how his experience as an NFL executive and agent helps him in his current job. Also, hear my picks for the top sports business stories of the year as we close out 2015 on this episode of Keeping Score. 12/30/2015
Episode #27: What it takes to host Super Bowl 50 Keith Bruce Super Bowl 50 Host Committee CEO Keith Bruce talks about the technological innovations developed for the big game in February, plus the committee’s effort to give away $8 million. He also discusses the work among the various cities in the San Francisco Bay Area to make the game and the events surrounding it a resounding success. Plus, hear why the fact that you haven’t heard much about the upcoming UEFA EURO 2016 is a good thing and more in this week’s edition of Keeping Score. 1/8/2016
Episode #28: Keys to a successful Super Bowl ad Tony Ponturo Former Anheuser-Busch marketing executive Tony Ponturo explains what he learned overseeing Budweiser’s sports advertising for more than a decade, including lessons from running commercials during the NFL’s big game. He also talks about his work to place ads inside stadiums and put a value on them based on how often they are seen by the television audience. Plus, my thoughts on the winners and losers as the NFL’s Rams move from St. Louis to Los Angeles — all in this week’s edition of Keeping Score. 1/14/2016
Episode #29: Jordan Spieth may play better golf, but is his dad more influential? Shawn Spieth You’ve heard of golfer Jordan Spieth, but his father, Shawn, may be even more influential in the world of sports business. His company, MVPindex, gives companies like Under Armour insights into just how influential athletes, teams, and leagues are in the world of social media. In this week’s episode of Keeping Score, we talk about Jordan’s latest deal and talk with Shawn about his company and his relationship with his superstar son. Plus more on the growth of sports sponsorships. 1/21/2016
Episode #30: SpongeBob and the Super Bowl Keith Dawkins Nicktoons Executive Vice President Keith Dawkins discusses the relationship between Nickelodeon brands and sports leagues. The kid-focused networks have a partnership with the NFL for Super Bowl 50. He also talks about the increased consumption of content on tablets and smart phones. Plus, my take on moves by the NFL and NBA to attract a larger audience overseas in this 30th episode of Keeping Score. 1/28/2016
Episode #31: How high can Super Bowl ticket prices go? Paul Tagliabue Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue talks about what the Super Bowl means to him and some of the current-day concerns surrounding the game. He also talks about the international growth of the sport and some of the highlights of his tenure with the league. Plus, hear about the high price of tickets for Super Bowl 50 and how sponsors are trying to gain the most exposure for their brands in the week’s edition of Keeping score. 2/4/2016
Episode #32: What companies really get out of naming stadiums Chip Bergh Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh talks about the why he wanted the Levi’s name on the new San Francisco 49ers stadium which is where Super Bowl 50 took place. He also talks about the benefits to his brand. Plus, hear my thoughts on DraftKings’ move into Europe in this 32nd edition of Keeping Score. 2/11/2016
Episode #33: Tiger Woods’ absence still hurting golf Ken Kennerly IMG Golf executive Ken Kennerly on how golf tournaments suffer financially from the absence of Tiger Woods who is recovering from injuries. He also discusses what it takes to manage the Honda Classic tournament. Plus, hear my thoughts on the latest problems facing daily fantasy companies and the newest sport coming to the U.S. in a big way in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 2/19/2016
Episode #34: FIFA’s new president keeps Europe in control Jerry Colangelo FIFA elects Swiss Gianni Infantino its new president. Reuters European Sports Editor Mitch Phillips on why European soccer leaders are applauding the decision. Plus, Former Arizona Diamondbacks owner Jerry Colangelo on a potentially problematic demographic issue that could hurt Major League Baseball. He also talks about his current role with the Philadelphia 76ers and his management style in this week’s episode of Keeping Score. 2/26/2016
Episode #35: Was the $5 million Super Bowl ad worth it? Marisa Thalberg Taco Bell Chief Marketing Officer Marisa Thalberg on the value of a Super Bowl commercial. She discusses how the TV spot helped launch a new product. The podcast also includes my thoughts on Kobe Bryant’s future and the potential expansion of the number of college football bowl games—all in this week’s edition of Keeping Score. 3/3/2016
Episode #36: Shunning Sharapova Bryce Harper 2015 National League MVP and Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper talks about his involvement with sponsors. He also addresses how he maintains his positive reputation in this era of social media. Plus, brands react to Maria Sharapova’s positive drug test and rugby comes to the United States in this edition of Keeping Score. 3/10/2016
Episode #37: Simply the worst rule in baseball Bill James Baseball historian and statistician Bill James explains why he hates the balk rule. He also discusses the impact of analytics on the game. Plus hear my thoughts on FIFA’s latest moves and the money sponsoring March Madness in this week’s edition of our sports business podcast Keeping Score. Also, check out the video of my interview with Bill James below. 3/18/2016
Episode #38: What it’s really like to own a pro basketball team Steve Pagliuca Boston Celtics Co-Owner Steve Pagliuca discusses the steps the ownership group took to turn the team into a winner again after buying it in 2002. The Celtics won the NBA championship in 2008. He also talks about how Boston benefited from the failed Olympics bid he helped lead, as well as his experiences at Bain Capital and playing college basketball at Duke. Plus, hear my thoughts on the growth in the value of Major League Baseball teams and controversial comments made by tennis great Novak Djokovic in this week’s Keeping Score podcast. 3/24/2016
Episode #39: Women in soccer get paid the small bucks Sue Bird Members of the U.S. women’s soccer team file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over their pay. They say they’re the driving economic force for U.S. soccer, but get paid less than their male counterparts. Plus, WNBA star Sue Bird talks about the low pay for women’s professional basketball in the United States on this edition of our Keeping Score with Rick Horrow audio podcast. Click button above for podcast. 4/1/2016