Power of Sports

Fox Sports Southwest (16 total)
Monday, September 4 10:00 pm (debut)
Thursday, September 7 6:30 pm
Saturday, September 9 6:30 pm
Wednesday, September 13 10:30 pm
Monday, September 18 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm
Tuesday, September 26 4:30 pm and 11:30 pm
Saturday, September 30 10:30 am and 11:30 pm

Fox Sports Southeast (9 total)
Monday, September 11 6:00 pm (debut)
Saturday, September 16 12:00 pm and 4:30 pm
Sunday, September 17 7:30 pm
Monday, September 18 9:30 pm
Thursday, September 21 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm
Friday, September 29 6:00 pm
Saturday, September 30 9:30 pm

Fox Sports Florida/Sun (5 total)
Wednesday, September 6 10:00 am (debut)
Wednesday, September 6 6:30 pm (debut)
Wednesday, September 13 5:00 pm
Saturday, September 16 1:00 pm

Fox Sports Midwest (11 total)
Thursday, September 14 11:00 am (Central Indiana debut)
Friday, September 15 11:30 am (entire Midwest debut)

Fox Sports Prime Ticket (Southern California) (6 total)
Friday, September 8 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm (debut)
Friday, September 15 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm
Wednesday, September 20 12:30 am

Fox Sports Arizona (4 total)
Friday, September 8 4:30 pm (debut)
Sunday, September 24 12:00 am
Saturday, September 30 3:30 pm

Fox Sports San Diego
Wednesday, September 6 7:30 pm (debut)
Thursday, September 14 4:30 pm
Friday, September 15 6:00 pm

Fox Sports/SportsTime Ohio (9 total)
Wednesday, September 6 11:30 pm (debut)
Saturday, September 9 4:00 pm
Wednesday, September 13 5:00 pm
Sunday, September 17 4:30 pm

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AUGUST 30, 2017 – Power of Sports presented by Group One Thousand One, is a new 30-minute
television show making its national debut on September 4, 2017 on FOX Sports Southwest and other
participating FOX Sports Regional Networks. Viewers are encouraged to check local listings for show times.
Each month’s show will share inspiring stories of people, organizations and communities connecting through sports to create opportunities for youth to join teams and find the motivator they need to go to school, stay in school and prepare for life beyond the classroom. Power of Sports will help show what’s possible when people work together for the greater good of others.

Hosted by sports industry insider Rick Horrow, Power of Sports will take viewers into conversations with industry thought leaders to understand how different sports and business organizations are creating grassroots opportunities to engage youth and help drive positive social change. Says Horrow, an executive producer of the show, “I am constantly amazed at the innovation taking place in our world, to better serve people and communities in need. As we consider stories for Power of Sports, we are humbled by the sacrifice and investment we see happening everywhere we go.”

Group One Thousand One CEO Dan Towriss commented, “In the realm of sports there are so many
inspiring and untold stories that need a place to be told. We hope that Power of Sports provides the platform to celebrate these amazing stories, both professional and amateur, with the simple goal of
inspiring others to step forward.”

Added Towriss, “Earlier this year, our Delaware Life team made the decision to go all in with
support for Fields & Futures, a local nonprofit in Oklahoma City. In collaboration with the local school
system and community, they are working together to create amazing opportunities for kids to participate
in sports and belong to something bigger than themselves. The scope of this effort encompasses a
comprehensive and sustainable rebuild of all 42 athletic fields in Oklahoma’s largest school district, a
district that serves more than 46,000 students from predominantly high poverty neighborhoods. The
desired outcome is a bigger opportunity and a brighter future for each kid that steps on the field, court or
track. Power of Sports has been created to tell these stories and to remind us there are children all across
the country who, if given a chance, want to get in the game. It is our hope this show will help inspire and
empower viewers to find ways they can help. We look forward to sharing the Fields & Futures story and
look forward to learning about similar initiatives taking place across America.”

Power of Sports is produced and directed by V2 Content, owned by Tiffany and Brandon Verzal.

For more information, email info@powerofsports.tv. Follow Power of Sports Facebook, Twitter
and Instagram @PowerofSportsTV.

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